LANDFORM derived from an early interest in natural landscapes whilst growing up in close proximity to the rough moorland and steep coastline of North East England, and later led me further afield to explore diverse areas within Scandinavia & Western Europe.

The fascination stems from their origin as special places born from extraordinary natural force, their present day beauty and unknown fate. My time spent within each area often invokes a calm meditative response which has influenced the aesthetic throughout the Landform journey, and hopefully resonates with others in a reflective or artistic sense.

Aesthetically I am interested in the entire geological make-up of an area, from details & botanics to seascapes, rocks & mountains with a focus upon how light affects colour, form & shadows. There is also the excitement of unforeseen one-off opportunity such as MÍNUS 01 which will never be seen again.

Landform is an ongoing project which will develop over time as I create connected projects and taking the work further by creating digital artworks from the collective series.

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All artwork © Ivan Jones